Monday, May 31, 2010

Egyptian Tattoos and meanings

If you want to be wearing an Egyptian tattoo then it is probably a good idea to understand the meanings behind common symbols and designs of ancient Egypt. If you are after creating a unique design then you definitely need to know what each part of your design means.

Let’s start with a very common tattoo which is Anubis, the god with a head of a Jackal. There are so many of these tattoos being worn so let’s find out what the meaning behind Anubis is. He was the god of the underworld and his job was actually to weight the heart of the dead to determine whether they would go to the after life or not. His job was one of the most important seeing that the Egyptians believed in the afterlife to be the greatest gift of all. So an Anubis tattoo does not simply mean the underworld but great responsibility also.

Another common Egyptian tattoo being worn is that of the “Eye of Horus”. It is also know as the Egyptian eye and has some strong meaning behind it. The story is that Horus had his eye destroyed in battle and it was shattered into 6 pieces, it was then rebuilt and put back together and became stronger with magical powers. The symbology behind this is that through regrowth you can make something stronger. The United States 1 dollar bill has the eye on the top of the pyramid which symbolises the development and strength of a country.

The sun was a god to the Egyptians and its rays provided protection and growth for the economy. The symbolism behind the sun in an Egyptian picture is that of protection for whatever is beneath the rays. This can be seen on certain celebrities where they have the sun tattooed on themselves with the rays shining onto over their loved ones name or something they hold special.

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  1. Thanks to you for writing in such simple words. Big thumb up for this blog post! Thanks for Sun Tattoos.

  2. I myself have a slightly modified tattoo of anubis. Overall the tattoo looks normal but is standing over a table which has a body placed before it his head slightly bowed toward the corpse. I am a licensed embalmer/ funeral director. reason behind my ink

  3. OMG! I want a hot guy with an Anubis tatoo to elbalm me when I sometime die!

  4. I was not clear about the meaning anubis tattoo someone can explain to me not

  5. I was not clear about the meaning anubis tattoo someone can explain to me not